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About Buntopia

“There are always connections among never-met cuisine arts across the world, just like us.”

What is Buntopia?

What would be happened when sushi meet fruit and veggie?

How about espresso and smoothie harmoning with herbs and flowers?

Is there any chance to make Asian bun go across burger and sandwich?

That is what happening in Buntopia!

We connect people and cuisine arts with our passionate creation and finest craft.

Let’s meet up here!

The Power of Clean Eating

Less is more!

Buntopia serves dishes without “delicate” food processing. We pick ingredients with best careful and bring it to you directly.

You will witness the ingredient in your bowl as it was and is.

100 Thumbs Up
for Your Green Choice!

We are appreciated for your choice to do more for our fluffy buddies and planet!

Remember there are Vegan Choice “(V)” available in our over 70% dishes.

Ask our staff for switching to Vegan Ingredients for Free Charge at any time.

One more thing, we have Gluten Free (G) Dishes as well. (^-^)


Think Fit, Eat Smartopia!

Is it possible to savor your picky tongue and feel free about calorie over budget?

Shiratake Miracle Noodle should be your best helper for lower calories and better cleaner!

10 Cal in one serve, 0 Gluten, 0 Trans Fat, however super high fiber and filling.

Switch to Smartopia choice for your healthy bite!

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